Ready to use materials for innovative applications

Nanoe is specialised  in development and fabrication of innovative ceramic materials for the industries.

Nanoe is a company uniting the flexibility of a SME (Small and Medium Entreprise) with the means of production on an industrial scale. In addition to our standard products, we develop customized products in partnership with our clients and accompany you from the kilogram up to the ton.

Zetamix technology: ceramic and metal filaments for FFF 3D printer

Nanoe’s Zetamix product line makes our powders and their properties available to most 3D FDM printers. Inspired by ceramic powder injection processes, the Zetamix manufacturing process consists of three stages: printing, debinding and sintering. With a density of over 99%, the finished product enjoys the same properties as its counterparts made with traditional methods.


Locaux Nanoe

Founded in 2008, Nanoe is specialised in the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials.

With our knowledge and know how in the ceramics field, we launched in 2018 our new brand, Zetamix : the first ceramic and metal filaments compatible with most FDM printers.

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The ceramic powders offered by Nanoe are cutting edge materials adapted to the needs of the most demanding industries such as biomedical or semi-conductors.