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In order to save resources, particulaly fuel, the materials used in aeronautics must always be lighter and more efficient. Meeting this challenge requires lightweight, high temperature resistant materials while maintaining excellent mechanical properties.

State-of-the-art materials for higher performance

The fineness of Nanoe’s powders make them the materials of choice for the manufacturing of many critical aircraft parts. We offer powders for CMC (ceramic matrix composites) that are both lightweight and resistant to high temperatures, but also high-purity yttria-stabilized Zirconia for the insulation of hot engine parts.

Barrière thermique aéronautique
Thermal barrier

Engines with higher efficiency are synonymous with engines rising to higher temperatures, this leads to undeniable technical challenges. The protection of hot parts of aircraft engines is the sine qua non for their proper operation. The yttria-sabilized zirconia, used as a coating, is ideal for insulating the hot turbine floors. Its low thermal conductivity, structural stability at temperatures up to 1600 degrees celsius and corrosion resistance to the combustion gases make it an ideal material.

Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)

The CMC is one of the future solutions to meet the challenges of aeronautics, and will soon replace metal parts such as engine backends and engine mast thermal protections in future aircraft generations. Made of a ceramic fiber impregnated with alumina, they are very light and more tenacious than traditional ceramics. Thanks to our unique know-how in powder synthesis, the AL100 alumina from Nanoe used for CMC is extremely thin and thus allows to obtain a final part resistant to thermal shock and fractures. Nanoe also offers suspensions formulated directly usable for fibre impregnation.

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