Colored Zirconia and ATZ

Very high impact resistance | Wear and scratch resistance
Wide choice of shades | Mirror like polished finishes

Colored zirconia and ATZ

Colored zirconias and ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia) are obtained by adding specific pigments which allow colored ceramic parts to be obtained after sintering while retaining good mechanical properties.

Colored zirconia and AZT proposed by Nanoe

Zirconia and ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia) are obtained by adding specific pigments to obtain, after sintering, colored ceramic parts while maintaining good mechanical properties.

Nanoe offers a variety of 7 standard shades that can be varied indefinitely, from light to dark. The shades available are pure white, black, green, grey, blue, brown and finally burgundy.

This unique color variety for the ceramic industry is the result of extensive research conducted by our R&D department. Our colored zirconia and ATZ are characterized by high wear and impact resistance. In addition, they make it easy to obtain pieces with beautiful matte, brushed, polished or mirror like finish.


Unalterable, zirconia is the perfect material for watchmaking and jewellery. In fact, unlike metals such as gold, ceramics do not scratch and keep a smooth and new appearance throughout its usage. In addition, the variety of colors available is incomparable with those offered by traditional metals, leaving stylists and designers unparalleled freedom of design.

More broadly, colored zirconia is also a suitable material for appearance parts, whether for leather goods, cars or perfumery.

A product adapted to your process

Nanoe is capable of producing on demand products for you with colors that don’t exist on the market

In order to best meet your needs, Nanoe delivers its colored zirconia in the form that best fits your process. We are thus able to supply our materials in the form of ready-to-press granules, redispersible powders or feedstocks for ceramic injection.

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