Very high wear resistance | Very high temperature resistance


Alumina is the most used material in the fields of technical ceramics. It possesses high hardness properties as well as a good thermodynamic stability. It also has very interesting thermal and electrical properties which makes it a prime choice  for a wide array of different applications.

Al100 type Alumina : A high purity material

The Al100 that Nanoe offers is a very high purity alumina (99.99%) to which we’ve added additives destined to better it’s properties and performances. Thanks to our know-how and unique process of fabrication, we are able to offer a very fine alumine which will enable you to obtain sintered parts with better mechanical properties than with a traditional alumina.

A wide variety of applications

Alumina enable to make wear parts which will benefit a longer lifespan ; e.g. balls for metrology, thread guides or even grinding balls. It can also be used to make electric isolators. It also a key material that is used a lot in the medical industry.

A product curated for your needs

In order to better respond to your needs, Nanoe delivers it’s alumina Al100 under the shape best fitted for your process. We are able to provide our products as granules ready to press, redispersible powder or even as a feedstock for ceramic injection. Nanoe is also capable of adjusting the alumina to best fit your demands and constraints ; e.g. adding a special doping agent in its composition.

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