Watchmaking, jewellery and visible parts

De par leur résistance à l’usure et leur faible coefficient de frottement, les céramiques techniques sont idéales pour l’horlogerie, et en particulier pour la fabrication des paliers supportant les axes de rouage des pièces d’horlogerie. De plus, leur aspect lisse et leurs propriétés hors du commun de résistance aux rayures en font des matériaux de choix pour la bijouterie et les pièces d’aspects.

Reliables and outstanding ceramics

Nanoe offers coloured zirconia and chrome alumina, also known as polycrystalline rubies, to meet the needs of the luxury industry. Our powders are very thin, they ensure optimal mechanical properties and a very beautiful appearance.

paliers de frottements
Watch bearing

For watchmaking stones, our chrome alumina is a material of choice. Our powders are very thin, they allow to produce dense bearings and have a very low friction coefficient. Thus, by making the movement of the needles smoother, the mechanisms consume less energy and gains in autonomy.

pièces industrie luxe
Visible part

Ceramic is a bold alternative to metal thanks to the wide variety of colors it offers. While noble metals such as gold or silver limit the number of shades used and are subject to scratches and time, ceramics have both great freedom of form and color, the appearance precious metals and the solidity of the rarest stones. In addition, different textures can be obtained by varying the surface state: matte, brushed, sanded or shiny. Our products are used for the manufacture of various visible parts, such as for glasses, press buttons but also for jewelry and accessories.

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