Method of fabrication

With over 10 years of experience,our method of fabrication has been studied to give our clients high quality powders that will help them obtain ceramic part with a very fine microstructure and good homogeneity in the case of mixed ceramics. In order to insure the quality of our powders, multiples quality control test are exacted all throughout the whole production process.

Step 1 : Chemical synthesis

Nanoe makes its raw materials by chemical synthesis. Our quality control begins with the purity test of our materials.

Step 2 : Calcination

During this step, we operate a heat treatment on our synthesized powders to obtain oxydes.

Step 3 : Suspension and de-agglomeration

The powders are put in a slurry and de-agglomerated to insure a good homogenous mix of the materials.

Step 4 : Spray drying

By drying the powders with the means of a spray dryer, we manage to obtain spherical granules with a tight size dispersion which insures a good flowability. During this step we do the following tests to always verify that we have the same powder quality whether it be for a small batch or bigger ones:

– Measuring the specific surface of the powder to ensure its reactivity at sintering stage

– Measuring the humidity levels, the flowability and density with a Hall apparatus

– Optical microscope observations

Step 5 : adapting the powder to your process (pressing, injection moulding, …)

In order for you to be able to use our powder without any intermediary step to adapt it to your internal process, we deliver you our powder in the format that’s best adapted to your process. For instance we can deliver you the materials in the form of granules,  redispersible powders or even as feedstock for ceramic injection.

Step 6 : Quality control before shipping

In order to make sure of the properties of the ceramics after sintering, we sinter a sample on which we do the following checklist on its properties:

–  Density and shrinkage


Homogeneity and grain size