An innovating company

Founded by 3 engineers in 2008, Nanoe is a french company specialised in the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials. With the capacity in 2019 to produce over 100 tons of high purity powder, Nanoe is now a recognized contributor in the field of ceramic powders : especially regarding it’s production of ZTA (Zirconia Toughned Alumina). With our knowledge and know how in the ceramics field, we launched in 2018 our new brand, Zetamix : the first ceramic and metal filaments accessible to all.

Our research at the service of the industry

Nanoe is working alongside labs specialised in nanomaterials and ceramics with international renown. Our R&D department works on diverse projects such as the research of the most cost efficient and best performing materials for the production of Li-ion batteries, materials for 3D printing and new ceramics for the aerospace field.

Nanoe is aware that each industry has its specificity and needs, that is why we propose custom made products who will best fit the process in which they will be use and meet the required specifications. Our R&D team comprises of 8 engineers and specialised researchers at your service to advise you and guide you when it comes to what approach to have, the elaboration of the material for your use and its industrial production.

laboratoire equipe nanoe
A growing SME (Small and Medium Entreprise)

Yesterday’s standardised production is now being challenged by today’s new type of industry : more flexible and smart, the 4.0 industry. This industry not only demands better performing and resource effective final products, but this industry also requires highly customizable and adaptable products to fit each specific client demands. Our goal when it comes to our products or services is to answer and solve challenges that industries of today are facing, all around the globe. Initially, limited geographically to France, we’ve opened in 2019 an office in Youngstown in Ohio and are starting to have distributors world-wide.