Polycrystalline rubies

Very high wear resistance | Very high friction resistance

Polycrystalline rubies

Polycrystalline ruby, also known as Chrome alumina, is a ceramic that benefits from the strength of alumina while displaying a deep red color, similar to that of natural ruby. Thanks to our know-how and our unique process, Nanoe offers a chrome alumina in the form of a very fine powder, making it possible to obtain translucent, wear-resistant polycrystalline rubies with a low friction coefficient.


Polycrystalline rubies are mainly used in the watchmaking industry for the manufacturing of bearings supporting the metal spindles of mechanical watches. However, like traditional alumina, chrome alumina is valued in metrology and biomedical. The Chrome improves the mechanical properties of alumina all the whilst giving it a red color.

A product curated for your needs

In order to better respond to your needs, Nanoe delivers it’s Chrome alumina under the shape best fitted for your process. We are able to provide our products as granules ready to press, redispersible powder or even as a feedstock for ceramic injection. Nanoe is also capable of adjusting the chrome content to best fit your demands and constraints.

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