Energy storage

Lithium-ion batteries are at the heart of innovations in many fields: electric cars, energy storage, electronics and drones. Today, the main challenges that hinders the use of these materials are their cost, as well as their energy and power density. The limits of their performance can be exceeded thanks to innovations in the field of materials.

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Our know-how used in the energy storage field

Nanoe’s R&D department includes a team dedicated to the synthesis of innovative active ingredients for Li-ion and post Li-ion batteries. Other important topics such as the optimization of the synthesis processes of these materials are being studied. With our partnerships with Sorbonne Université, Université Paris Est and Université Paris Saclay, we’re developing with our clients the important materials that will be in the next generations of electrochemical accumulators. Since 2019, we have also joined the Network Industrial Club for Electrochemical Energy Storage (RS2E).

Innovative and economical NMC powder synthesis method

NMC (nickel manganese cobalt) batteries have recently been used for their low cost and high energy density. These active materials are traditionally synthesized by coprecipitation, from precursors derived from pre-processed salts. The number of manufacturing steps, and the cost of precursors weigh heavily on the cost of production.

Nanoe offers an alternative method based on our historical know-how. This approach divides the cost of manufacturing materials in half, resulting in a final cost of the cell of less than $100/kWh.

Our tailored solutions

Thanks to the efficiency of this new process, Nanoe is able to synthesize other active materials such as NCA (nickel cobalt aluminum), LFP (lithium iron phosphate), or to make custom compositions according to applications (energy/ power). We are thus able to produce raw materials for battery electrode in intermediate quantities (100 Kg – 10 T) with specific compositions not available today on the market, ensuring the same level of purity and quality just as with our ceramic materials. We also devote a major part of our research effort to the development of critical materials for post Li-ion technologies, such as innovative active ingredients and ceramic separators for solid batteries.

Your tailor made product