Quality & Security

A strict quality control testing all throughout the process

In order to insure the quality of our powders, we enforce rigorous testing all throughout the fabrication process of our powders. With each of our product, we can give you an analyse certificate showing you our testing results. Our testing is done in 4 main steps:

First we check the purity of our raw material before the transformation process even begins

After the suspension phase, we run a second series of quality control to verify the grain size as well as the homogeneity of the mix.

Once the product is done, we perform a third series of test. We’ll measure the powder’s specific surface to make sure that the powder has a good reactivity after sintering. We also measure the humidity levels, the flowability and density (Hall apparatus). Then we will observe the microstructure with an optical microscope to verify the quality of the microstructure.

Nanoe sinters a sample to verify the density, the shrinkage, the microstructure, the homogeneity of the material as well as the size of the grains ; all this to validate the properties of the ceramic after sinter are to the specification of the client.

Our client satisfaction is at the heart of our concern

Our company is certified ISO9001 since 2012.

The ISO9001 norm is the internationale reference in terms of quality management and standards when it comes to evaluating a products quality: it gives the management conditions required to satisfy the client as well as the constant bettering of our performances.

By choosing to do so, we wish to insure the efficiency  of our management system and guaranty to our clients high quality products and service.

A security policy that protects all of the actors

  • The protection of our employees

    • To insure the safety of our worker on the production site, we took care to install individual protective gear on every workstation. The people working in the production section are equipped of a Tyvek suit as well as 3M masks with a filtration unit. 
  • The protection of our clients

    • The finished products are not hazardous but we still recommend to use gloves and a mask to manipulate them just for extra safety measures. We also provide with each material a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) document to indicate what safety measures to apply. 
  • The protection of the environment

    • In order to limit our impact on the environment, we are committed in engaging proper waste treatment solutions. After a first sorting of our waste, a trusted service provider processes our waste.