Due to the constraints of precision and quantity of manufacturing, the semiconductor industry uses advanced materials for the production of components. To meet the needs of the market, the parts must be smaller and the pace imposed to these parts is much higher. Ceramic is a material of choice for its wear resistance, its chemical inertia and the precision it is possible to achieve with it.

Innovative materials for the semiconductor industry

Nanoe offers high purity ceramic powders to meet these challenges. Our powders are very thin and allow to manufacture parts with better resistance to wear and aggression. Their duration of use is therefore longer.

Wire bonding


In the sector of component assembly (wire bonding), several key parts are made of ceramic, such as welding capillaries, placement tools (pick and place tools) and other wear parts. In this industry, downtime and maintenance intervals are critical. To increase the service life of these parts, Nanoe has developed ZTA 12, composed of a perfectly homogeneous mixture of alumina and zirconia. The parts made with this material benefit from optimal hardness and toughness level. Production stops due to replacement of consumables and maintenance are then less numerous.

In addition, in order to adapt to the evolution of the market, Nanoe offers chrome-plated ZTA12, which makes it possible to manufacture capillaries to solder copper instead of gold.

Plasma etching


In the manufacturing of components by plasma etching, several elements can be made in ceramic.

The plasma-engraved substrate (wafer) must be supported by a ceramic part. To avoid contamination of this part by its support, the latter must be extremely resistant to plasma.

In addition, a critical part of etching machines is the window (window) which must transmit the electromagnetic waves that allows to generate the plasma while resisting the fourth state of matter.

For these two applications, Nanoe offers a high-purity alumina and especially a Yttria that allows to obtain parts perfectly dense and resistant to plasma.

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