Tailor made product

R&D at the heart of Nanoe’s DNA

With over 10 years of experience and with our R&D department, Nanoe is capable of conducting research to elaborate a tailor-made product that will fit your requirements. Adding to our existing analysis equipment, we also have numerous partnership with renowned european universities granting us access to very specific tools.

New material research…

Nanoe works with you to define the product best fitted for your application and the constraints that will be imposed on it. Our knowledge of the industrial world and our attention to details enable us to advise you and guide you towards the most suitable solution.

Composed of researchers specialized in the field of technical ceramics and battery materials, our R&D team can respond to your requests from the synthesis of materials to their shaping.


Example: In 2015, our teams has developed Li-ion battery materials on behalf of a customer with a tailor-made composition for which Nanoe guarantees long-term supply security.

… Looking for industrialization processes

Nanoe offers both industrial production capacity and the flexibility of an R&D department. We have several production lines with capacities ranging from the kilogram down to the tonne, allowing us to accompany you in the industrialization of your products.

The product development phase is carried out on an R&D production line, producing “prototype” samples ranging from 1 to 10 kilograms.

Once the product has been defined, we have a pilot line to produce a batch of 50 to 100 kg. This step allows us to adapt our manufacturing process to the specificities of the product as well as the production of a pre-series at the customer’s factory/location.

Finally, once the product has been validated, we are able to rapidly increase our production capacity. To do this, we have a production line with a capacity of up to 100 tonnes per year.


Example: For a specific application in the medical field, Nanoe has developed the manufacturing process for a cerium doped ATZ. Following a collaborative research project with a research laboratory, our client needed to industrialize the manufacturing process. So our role was to study the process that was put in place by the laboratory, and with our industrial knowledge, to adapt it to make it possible to manufacture the product on a large scale.

We adapt to your needs!

A specific process? Specific industrial constraints?