Wear parts and tools


In all industrial fields, manufacturers are looking for productivity gains: line automation, increased workload, reduced machine failures and stoppages. It is in this context that a growing number of tools are made of ceramic to increase the life of these parts and reduce production stoppages.

Priority on hardness and toughness

Alumina and zirconia are very present in the manufacturing of wear parts. However, their properties are limited. One resists abrasion and corrosion well, but its toughness is weak, while the other resists shocks but aren’t wear resistant. The ZTA and the ATZ are perfect compromises to combine all these properties.

Thread guide

In the textile and cable manufacturing industry, many machines have to handle wires. With the increase of the pace, the parts in contact with these wires are more solicited and wear out very quickly. The wire guides must meet a double challenge: be wear and abrasion resistant while maintaining a good surface condition so as not to damage the wires. ZTA is perfect for this application because it is abrasion resistant, yet extremely smooth.

outils de coupes
Cutting tools

Many cutting tools are currently made of ceramic: paper cutting, sheet metal stamping, wood and metal machining. Ceramics are present as soon as wear becomes too important to use metal counterparts. For the production of wear-resistant cutting tools, Nanoe recommends the ZTA 25. However, for better bending and impact resistance, ATZ is preferred.

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