Sandblasting TiO2

Sandblasting TiO2

Titanium sub-oxide (black TiO2) is an abrasive ceramic. Its very angular structure makes it ideal for sandblasting ceramic and titanium objects.

The Black Sandblasting TiO2 supplied by Nanoe is a very pure material, suitable for applications in the medical field without pollution from sandy material.



In the biomedical and dental implant field, osteo-integration and patient health are primordial. The particle-size-distribution, flowability and purity of the TiO2 powders produced by Nanoe are closely monitored so that the sandblasting of the implant is perfectly homogeneous and does not cause any contamination of the implants.

A product perfectly suited to your process

So as to best meet your needs, Nanoe delivers black TiO2 in the form best adapted to your process. Moreover, we are also able to provide sandblasting powders from other materials such as alumina.

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