Resistance to very high temperatures | Plasma resistance


Yttria is a rare-earth ceramic. Also called yttrium oxide, it is the only oxide with such strong thermal stability and is plasma resistant. It can also be made translucent. Like our other ceramic materials, the Yttria proposed by Nanoe is characterized by high wear and impact resistance.


Yttria has many potential applications in the technical ceramics field. Its plasma resistance and optical characteristics make it a very good material for making glass that is resistant to extreme environments. It is also used as a component for rare-earth doped lasers or as a substrate for microelectronics.

A product curated for your needs

In order to better respond to your needs, Nanoe delivers it’s Yttria under the shape best fitted for your process. We are able to provide our products as granules ready to press, redispersible powder or even as a feedstock for ceramic injection.

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