Metrology and dimensional control of parts is at the heart of modern industry. The reliability of these measuring instruments is based on reference parts that cannot be worn or deformed: precision balls, plates and other parts. Whether for optical metrology tools or by palpation, technical ceramic is ideal. It is the only material that combines precision and wear resistance, thus ensuring the accuracy of the measurements.

Ceramic a key material for metrology

The powders proposed by Nanoe have characteristics that allow to obtain perfectly dense and very precise ceramics to meet the requirements of the metrology market.

Palpation ball


Nanoe offers high purity powders of alumina and polycrystalline rubies for the manufacture of probes.

Precision beads from our powders benefit from the best properties with a density close to 100%, perfect sphericity and a coefficient of roughness up to 20 nanometers.

Optical ball



ZTAs (Zirconia Toughened Alumina) are composites of alumina and zirconia. These materials are ideal for optical reference manufacturing. In addition to being a wear-resistant material and making extremely precise parts, the ZTA is perfect for making opaque and non-reflective materials.

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